Hna Khoût

by Imidiwan

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In 2017 , Imidiwan releases their second work, Hna Khoût EP ( "all brothers" in Arabic Derija) and the title is not a coincidence. It is synonymous with the mixture of references and cross-styles, and reflects the spirit of brotherhood that guides this project from Lisbon.

Celebrating this union, the guests in this album came from several cardinal points under the common sign of the music: Gonçalo Sarmento, Marc Plannells and Alex, all members of the Portuguese band Terrakota, Cape Verdean rapper Chullage, singer Catarina dos Santos , the Senegalese musician Zal Sisshoko, Dj X-acto, Marco Pombinho, and the Brazilians Felipe José and Juninho Ibituruna.

With the release of Hna Khout EP symbolically closes a cycle of two albums that have the same gravitational center in common: the desert, this vast space, without walls and where human diversity converges, in a time where humanity seems to walk, in a frightening way, in the opposite direction.

Composed and arranged by André Xina, Gustavo Patrício & Tiago Salsinha

Produced by Beat Laden & Imidiwan

Recording, Mix & Master by Beat Laden @ Groundzero Studios, Lisbon
Cello track 7 recorded in Estúdio Circular, Belo Horizonte

Design - Flora Lopes


released April 3, 2017



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Kora feat Chullage & Zal Sissokho

They choke the Mother Earth
We were not immigrants
We were travelers
Distinct merchants
Wealthy sailors
We had already gone to America, Asia
Iberian Peninsula, before
We had already been walking in our camels and elephants, full of gold
Yorubas, Songays, Aksias, Ghanas, Ashantis
We already had architects, art, brilliant scientists
That today Europe keep them closed in museums and shelves

Now they call us Immigrants
Describe us as wanderers
That shipwrecks on the coast
In desperate situations
They say we flee from wars, famines and bad rulers
But they do not say that they are the ones who generate wars, famine and bad rulers
You make sure
That they continue to rob us of oil, culture and diamonds
A new Africa Sharing happens as before
While millions of Africans still die as before
Or seek a new life in the world outside
Behind what we had before

And today they see us as the danger of veils and turbans
Today they call us delinquents and traffickers
Or they just want us to be athletes, singers and comedians
Or that we build their houses and cook in their restaurants
Their education make us small
In the midst of their giants
With the authorities chasing us
Explored oppressed
In degrading, humiliating conditions
But the light of my story promises me sparkling days

Griot with my Kora
I travel the world to tell stories of distant past
Griot with my Kora
I travel the world to tell stories from now

I went, returned
Returned and went
Already taught, learned
Learned and taught
Already took, brought
Brought and took
Already gave, received
Received, gave

I... I moved through the world
Until i made the world spin
I... If i don´t move through the world
Then the world stops spinning
I... I worked for the world
Until i made the world work
And if i do not work for the world
Then the world can not function

But i still encounter barriers
I´m stopped at the borders
I have a empty wallet
I have no ground or flags

The world is not yours! The world is not mine!
And if the world is yours, then it is mine too!
But the world is not yours
And the world is not mine
The world belongs to Orunmila
Who threw us down from Heaven